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By admin March 6, 2012

Now when you upload large images to your blog on myblog.arts, the image file you uploaded is replaced with the ‘Large-size’ version that WordPress automatically generates. This should save you disk space and help your blog pages to load more quickly.

So, if you upload an image directly from your digital camera, which is for example, 4000 pixels wide, the ‘full-size’ version on WordPress will only be as big as the ‘Large-size’ you have set in your blog, which is by default 1024 pixels wide.

1024 pixels is more than enough for viewing on-screen. However, if for example, you want to share an image for print, and you wish to upload the original unchanged, that is still possible!

Go to your Dashboard, then from the menu choose Settings -> Media. You will see an option called ‘Replace Uploaded Images’, which you can untick to switch this feature off. (Don’t forget to save your Media settings at the bottom of the page.)

You can also change the default setting for ‘Large-size’ images at the top of the Settings -> Media page.

Smaller images should not be affected by this change – only those with large physical dimensions.


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