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myblog.arts updated

myblog.arts was updated on 14th July 2015 to use the latest version of WordPress. Here are a couple of short videos giving an overview of… Read More

myblog.arts network issues

There continue to be network issues at UAL which affect myblog.arts. We are waiting to hear about progress on this from the IT department. In… Read More

Recent work in IT Dept.

The issue with the university network connecting to Google-hosted services now seems to be resolved. This was a JANET-wide issue (JANET is the internet service… Read More

Server update, 28th Jan

There may be a brief period today (28th Jan 2015) between 2-5pm in which myblog.arts is offline. This is due to a requirement for an… Read More

Google services

There is a UAL-wide issue with connecting to Google-related web services at the moment. This is causing some blog pages to load slowly, as they… Read More

Pingbacks disabled

The Pingback feature was disabled for all myblog.arts blogs, due to security concerns. This feature can be used by external users to co-opt WordPress blogs… Read More