Recent outages – update


By admin May 14, 2013

The myblog.arts service was unavailable last night and for some of this morning. This was due to the site being flooded with login attempts from unauthorised users. We have taken steps to prevent this recurring, and will be monitoring the performance of the site closely. Apart from the unavailability, the site was not compromised.

With future security of the site in mind, please make sure that when setting up your UAL password you choose a secure password.

  • Avoid using obvious passwords (12345, letmein, etc.)
  • Never use your username as your password
  • Use words which are not likely to be found in a dictionary – e.g. place names
  • Add numbers and punctuation characters into your password
  • Better still, use a password manager in your browser, like LastPass, which will generate and remember secure passwords for you.

Here is one of many guides to choosing a secure password:–choose-and-remember-great-passwords


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