myblog.arts update, 4th Feb 2013


By admin February 4, 2013

myblog.arts was updated this morning to the most recent versions of WordPress and Buddypress. Various plugins and themes were also updated.
Here are some of the benefits of the update:

New default theme, ‘Twenty Twelve’, which works well on mobile devices and on the desktop.
New customisation options for themes, including choosing arbitrary header image sizes.
Improved Media Library interface.
Drag-and-drop gallery creation, with inline captioning.
Image editing directly inside the Media Library, including file rotating and cropping.
Privacy options for individual profile fields. (The profile fields are only visible to logged-in users by default.)
New colour picker.
Apple Retina device support (High density DPI images).
Bug fixes and efficiency improvements.

As part of this upgrade I have disabled the image editing tool which previously appeared when uploading images, as it has been superseded by the new image editing functionality.
@Mentions have also been removed from the profile and community pages, as they are not yet fully implemented in a useful way.



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