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By admin July 27, 2011

A new round of updates has just been made to the myblog.arts service, including:

  • Service updated to the most recent WordPress software. Your Dashboard will look slightly different. A full-screen edit mode is now available when creating posts and pages. Various bugfixes and improvements in the background.
  • Service updated to the most recent Buddypress software. Various bugfixes and improvements in the background.
  • NEW blog privacy options – go to Settings->Privacy in your blog dashboard. These options are also implemented for Group blogs at the point of creation.
  • Improved useability on ‘Sign up for an account’ page. Added help information popup.
  • In Groups, posting updates on the home page of the group has been disabled, as this caused confusion.
  • In Groups, the ‘Create forum’ option is now off by default when creating a new group.
  • Users who signed up for an account but didn’t create a blog can now go back to the ‘Sign up for an account’ page and create a blog.
  • Two new image-oriented themes, F8-Lite and Minimatic.
  • New theme – TwentyEleven – with various customisation options. This is now the default theme for new blogs.
  • Updates to existing themes.
  • Updates to existing plugins.
  • Option to embed flash movies (.flv) files added to text editor. Also works for .mp4 files.

Please report any problems or suggestions to elearning-support@arts.ac.uk
The myblog.arts service is under constant development and we need your feedback to improve the service.

Thank you!

EDIT: If some of your old posts appear strangely formatted, clearing your browser cache should fix the problem. This is due to updates to the WordPress themes.

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