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  • Naailah Khalifa wrote a new post, Evaluation, on the site WW1 2 months ago

    In order to evaluate this whole project I decided to revisit my blog week by week and accumulate points that I wish to further discuss such as the topic of WW1 and a finalised project all in a month felt very […]

  • Naailah Khalifa wrote a new post, Week 2, on the site WW1 2 months ago

    Today consisted of a lot of irrelevant/time consuming tasks which by the end of the day had a lot of people feeling deflated. Task one consisted of us making name badges which although I assume was an attempt to […]

  • After an introductory talk the previous week on dazzle ships and the 14-18 NOW project we were given the task to visit the imperial war museum anytime during the week. This task had been given to allow a research […]

  • Naailah Khalifa wrote a new post, A week before the event., on the site WW1 3 months ago

    Myself and my group met up multiple times to finalise ideas. The Christmas cards had followed through and we were all set to make our designs that somewhat related to our specialisms. I decided to make mine very […]

  • A very long winded day as we had to set up our exhibition at Chelsea. This day was very unorganised and uninstructed as we weren’t informed on the set up of it all. The set ups were done on big cardboard boxes […]

  • I was informed before leaving to attend Chelsea that this had nothing to do with our project so there wasn’t any point in attending. I followed up through this and was sent pictures and although it looked […]

  • Naailah Khalifa wrote a new post, Week 7, on the site WW1 4 months ago


    We were thinking of setting up an area at the exhibition where people can come up and take a card (that we would’ve had printed) and write messages to they’re loved ones, to commemorate the […]

  • Naailah Khalifa wrote a new post, Week 6, on the site WW1 4 months ago

    Today we had group tutorials in which we had to present our project idea. This is what we came up with based on initial ideas from the past few weeks:

    Here are a few initial ideas from an inspirational […]

  • Naailah Khalifa wrote a new post, Week 5, on the site WW1 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    A lot of preparation went into this Pecha Kucha presentation but unfortunately I was unable to attend as I fell terribly ill resulting into me going back home for the weekend.

    In preparation for this day […]

  • Naailah Khalifa wrote a new post, Week 4, on the site WW1 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Our group task for today was to produce a ‘Rules of Engagement’ Manifesto. this covered requirements in working collaboratively/in a group and how we should act around each other and with each other. This all […]

  • As a starting point after being introduced to our groups spent the afternoon visited a list of WW1 memorials around London; as well as an excuse to get to know each other.  On site discussion was required about […]

  • In the morning, we had a talk by Colin Priest who is the course leader for Interior and Spacial design. This talk consisted of him speaking about two of his past projects forming around World War 1 and how they […]

  • After uni, my friends and myself met at the British Museum and a few things were very visually interesting and related to textiles with cultural concepts. There were many pieces that inter-connected with others; […]

  • One of my personal interests involves going to talks/discussions in my spare time, allowing me to engage with worldly affairs; to see how art can have an influence within politics and vice versa. The event […]

  • The best thing about the blog was having the chance to reflect on what was done during weekly blocks. At first I found it difficult to get into but after the first month it became an automatic routine and quite […]

  • Week one: 

    To start with, we were taught the basic techniques of weaving such as plain weave  in which where one side of the leavers were pushed down and yarn was pulled through creating a stripe effect. V […]

  • Monday: Day one 

    As always, today morning began as an introductory start. The basis of today consisted of quick and simple sewing machine techniques based on our mark makings. It was essential that we had some […]

  • Grace Adams gave our first lecture on Psychogeopgraphy and how it challenges the authority through environment and situations and the effects it has on people and their emotions. We were asked if we linked this to […]

  • Exhibition: “Iconoclasts: Art out of the mainstream”: The purpose of this exhibition is to break that stereotype and barrier between artists of culture and background and art, this could stem into the topic of […]

  • Key words: 

    Cultural imperialism: How one culture can be of a higher status and more respected than others from their ideologies and how they force that across to other people.
    Hybrid identities […]

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