• At Tate Morden, I found a series of images about cells and the universe. The shape and texture of each pattern are very beautiful. This may be related to my personal project, which I am going to do in shuttle of […]

  • Yiji Xiang wrote a new post, Outcome, on the site Iggy XYJ 1 month ago

    My outcom is a folding book made with digital. In fact, for a while afterwards I was confused because I changed my mind and wanted to combine human face and drama masks, After various attempts, it is difficult to […]

  • I collected Chinese drama masks, made of clay. I want to collect masks for two reasons. One is that drama masks are the quintessence of China. It has a wide range of categories, different colors or different names […]

  • Yiji Xiang wrote a new post, Ideas Development, on the site Iggy XYJ 1 month, 1 week ago

    In the process of creation, I have many points to develop. However, there are many things I did, so I am confused about which one is better to develop. The fist step is to investigate the collected drama masks, […]

  • During the winter vacation, I collected three groups of works about dramatic figures and expressed them in different ways.

    The first collection is in the form of photography. I saw an exhibition during the […]

  • Wu Rujun was born in China in 1963 and is currently the president of the Japanese Peking Opera Theatre. He is an active male performer on the stage. He is proficient in everything from performance to creation. He […]

  • 30 December 2019 18:10
    In this half year at LCC, I decided to choice graphic design for my pathway. Graphic design is widely integrated into our life. Whether it is product packaging, brand identities or […]

  • 20 December 2018 23:02
    I went to a very popular exhibition in Hangzhou during the winter vacation. The name of this exhibition is ‘Bauhaus Figural Space’, and it is about Song Zaju (dramatic figures in the Son […]

  • Yiji Xiang wrote a new post, Outcome, on the site Iggy XYJ 3 months, 1 week ago

    08 December 2018 20:15
    My final product is a magazine. The theme is a Chinese restaurant named baozilnn, and a magazine expressed in abstract form and choose red as the main colour. Address in 26 Newpoet Court, L […]

  • Yiji Xiang wrote a new post, Idea Development, on the site Iggy XYJ 3 months, 1 week ago

    07 December 2018 12:27
    My postcode is Chinatown, and I found a chinese restaurant called Baozilnn, the chinese name is ‘Ren Ming Gong She.’ It is the only Sichuan cuisine in Chinatown, mainly spicy. After ent […]

  • There’s an exhibition in Tate Modern that I like very much. It’s about abstract art, including paintings and three-dimensional works. So this week I do some researches about abstract art or the way to show the […]

  • 28 November 2018 20:18
    During this time in London, I have seen many exhibitions, and recently I saw the Tate Modern. I went there last Thursday, It’s located on the South Bank of the Thames, connecting the […]

  • 08th November 2018 22:19
    I’m Iggy, come from China. I stayed in London for about two months and ate almost all the Western food in London. I feel my taste buds are very satisfied. However, I began to miss home c […]

  • 07th November 2018 21:35
    I did some further second research on the contents of the Medicine Now exhibition. In the last release of blog, you can see the series of bones X-rays. As I’ve mentioned, X-ray as a co […]

  • 31st October 2018 23:00
    Last Thursday we went to Wellcome Collection museum. This museum is not very big, but there are many interesting things (a range of ideas about science and medicine) in it. It reflects the […]

  • Yiji Xiang wrote a new post, Outcome, on the site Iggy XYJ 5 months ago

    20th October 2018 22:28
    The deadline is two days away. I probably finished my outcome, and I did it with sreenprinting. This project is about characters, and I chose the letter D, D for dance. I made many […]

  • Yiji Xiang wrote a new post, Snow white, on the site Iggy XYJ 5 months ago

    20th October 2018 13:00
    This Thursday we played the drama of snow white.


    In the middle, Snow White dragged a lovely little apple and was guarded by the prince. In front of her, two dwarf […]

  • 20th October 2018 13:25
    #1: Screenprinting

    The following chart is all the steps that must be done before doing screen printing.

    Screening was one of the most interesting workshops for me, because […]

  • Yiji Xiang wrote a new post, Mimic, on the site Iggy XYJ 5 months ago

    14th October 2018 19:54

    This picture was created by Jeff Wall in 1982. At first glance, it was like taking picture in the street. But in actual fact, these tree guys are the actors who were invited by […]

  • 07th October 2018 22:10
    Halfway through the project, I thought about two outcomes and talked to my classmates last Friday. I do the letter D, D for dance. I think dancing is a happy thing,and I hope people can […]

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