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    Ollie Furlong

    I recently went to a really good ‘unconference’ by a group of open source software developers for a project called ‘Opencast Matterhorn’ at Oxford University Computing Services Jan/Feb 2012

    You can see one of most interesting discussion topics through the software itself on this link (speaker is from Manchester Uni who are about to set up Matterhorn) its a case study around lecture capture. Scroll down right hand list and click on “Learning Outcomes” video link:

    At LCF we are planning to pilot using this open source software with a single course, if we can get the right support and backing from central iT. It’s pretty massive in it’s scope, and all credit is due to the pilot driver: Kirk Rutter (Learning Support Officer at LCF) for giving it a go. It’s really quite a complicated process just to set it up, but the benefits of having a working system in the UAL are really quite massive in terms of improving the student experience of being able to access lectures that have been made available (through consent only!).
    Choosing a lecture capture platform is tricky. Some of my questions are: “should we go for an off the shelf lecture capture product?”, “what are the downsides of going for a open source (DYI) system?”
    “How do we get the UAL to help support and promote ‘top down’ as well as ‘bottom up’ approach to new teaching and learning technologies ?” Please read: Laurillard, Diana (2006) ‘E-Learning in higher education’ pp71-84 chapter 6 in Ashwin, Paul (ed) CHANGING HIGHER EDUCATION: The development of learning and teaching. London: Routledge

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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