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    Mark Sandy

    Just started reading this from the beginning. I have got as far as the first task (2.1) where one is asked to record your theories of teaching and learning. Here are mine. I deliberately did these quickly to try and spontaneously capture my views. They are no doubt a bit brief and simplistic.

    Here they are:

    Learning is gaining and retaining knowledge. This knowledge may be theoretical and/or practical. It may involve comprehending concepts or learning new skills (including skills related to learning itself). It involves a spectrum from acquiring and retaining facts to understanding and deploying complex concepts.

    Teaching is a multi-dimensional continuum of activities including communication of facts or skill mechanisms and enabling and empowering students to learn and to think critically and analytically. Personally I am of the opinion it should, where appropriate encourage students to prize evidential data over arguments from authority. Good teaching can (and should) help to give students the confidence and ability to learn that which they thought they could not learn.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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