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Video Streaming – low fi

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    Ollie Furlong

    LCF is currently setting up for an event on 21st & 22nd Sept called “Fashion Colloquia”, it is due to be a yearly event to coincide with London Fashion week. Its oragnised by research (Proff. Ian King & Betty Woessner). The content being streamed is a series of panel debate discussions.
    It was requested that we try video streaming using our video conference equipment (Polycom QDX600) on JANET’s JVCS Booking Service. UAL networks & JANET (VTAS) have helped admirably in helping us try to achieve this. I am aware it is quite a crude way of achieving video streaming.
    So, my thought/ question is: does anyone know of any better / easier way of video streaming out of any UAL college? Perhaps there’s already a system in place ?


    Ollie Furlong

    Affordable streaming options:

    I’m going to meet the UK sales guy Craig Stonnal from extron about their lates product:


    Ollie Furlong

    Perhaps an in between technology to streaming is a system using Digital Signage, like CSM have at King’s Cross (Scala is what they have gone for), would be to integrate lecture capture, digital signage and streaming in one? such as:

    the one obvious downfall is that its only pc compatible

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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