Alexander Calder in his studioMonday Guest Lecture - January 23rd 5.30pm Artist:  Mark LewisSome cover spread ideasworks in progressFariytale SketchesBanning the Brand and Student Smoking.My version of the XipehuzReflections on Show Time
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    action plan

    Ok I just want to reitreat to make sure every one knows what they have to do and bring with them tomorrow As we all discussed on Friday we would carry on by I’ll selves coming up with ideas for what we could do/make. If we [...]

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    Elephant Sport Podcast - Women's Football Special

    In this edition of the Elephant Sport podcast, reporters Daniel Racheter and Shan Gambling discuss women's football with Millwall Lionesses player Leanne Cowan. Ahead of the upcoming Women's European Championships in Holland [...]

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    Hello I've updated my covers based on some...

    Hello, I've updated my covers based on some feedbacks from Friday and experimentations. For who didn't see it physically on Friday, the idea is to have a circular cut out on the cover so you can see the coloured end paper [...]

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    Is Al Jazeera an example of Globalisation?

    The East and the West parts of the world, have always been some what cut off from each other. According to Boyd, 1999, most Arab countries are 20 years behind in developing and distributing content. Audiences had little choices [...]

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    Alexander Calder in his studio

    I just like chaotic workshops. I wouldn't be able to work in one: my workplace only has a laptop, a lamp and a notebook. But one can see here all the traces of work, or artistry. The detritus left by creation and [...]

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    Monday Guest Lecture - January 23rd 5.30pm Artist: Mark Lewis

    Mark Lewis - Introduced by Alex Schady Mark is Professor of Fine Art at Central Saint Martins.    Born in Hamilton, Ontario in 1958, Mark Lewis lives and works in London My film and digital moving image works are often [...]

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    Choreographic: one take video (1)

    Escif, Vandalism Choreography, Valencia Video Project - Choreographic : one take video(1) Brife: Create a 1 minute , 1 take video that focuses upon rhythm & design &movement. Collaborate in group of 8, create [...]

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    Reflections on Show Time

    We can think of many reasons why visiting the UAL Student Degree Shows is so important, from celebrating our students work and the culmination of their degrees, to keeping an eye on emerging trends and being inspired by the [...]

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