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    Aoun starts by quoting some people who work in Technology Industries that Technological jobs are in the ascendence and that the Human mind is being rendered an 'economic relic'; is it's a slippery slope to mass unemployment, [...]

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    Creating a free newspaper

    While I was waiting for an answer from the author Jung Yong-joon, I thought about how to introduce people to the charms of short stories in a more active way. I thought it would be a priority for people to be able to access short [...]

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    Progress Update

    The event is this Saturday, and it's full steam ahead. I'm editing the film on Premiere Pro, and adding the music to the film (here's a snippet). I have ordered glow sticks and neon paint for the audience. The [...]

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    Lack of time, the new poverty.

    My very first intervention has been getting in touch with WWOOF, (World Wide Opportunities on Organic farms). It has been quite hard as there aren't many ways to contact those that admin the company but worth the shot. I want to [...]

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    Museum Apps

    Most of Paris's famous exhibit centers such as The Centre Pompidou and the Louvre have applications with online audioguides and sources for viewers to prepare and enjoy their visit. Thus when interviewing viewers I realised [...]

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     This is a new APP that  I created.

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    New and Improved

    The third year "Eccentric" project was very important to my learning this year. I feel that I was able to apply so many of the ideas and theories that I was learning in the PgCert course. The students reacted very positively [...]

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    Extracting meaning from Aoun

    Extracting meaning from Aoun Future education, creativity, and forms of intelligence   Nature determines the balance between itself and maintains its continuity without any external intervention. But, since we left [...]

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