Humanising DataStanislavski - Character DesignDPS2 - MOSCHINO foreverPost Grad Show LCC - 2018locations and shooting scheduleSeventh Week/Russ Bestly - SemioticArtist Study: Raqib ShawTate Modern trip no.2: 14/11/18
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    Workers leaving the factory

    Workers leaving the factory  “it is quite curious that the first films ever made by Louis Lumiere show workers leaving the factory. At the beginning of cinema, workers leaving the industrial workplace. The invention of [...]

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    Humanising Data

    Since starting my course, I have been interested in artists who make data feel more human. Over the past few weeks I have been carrying out a lot of research into their methods and style to try and analyse what sets them apart [...]

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    Stanislavski - Character Design

    Here is a little work I've been doing on character design using the Stanislavski 7 questions. I've always felt like these steps just organically occur through osmosis as I draw but as I go through the steps I realise that is not [...]

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    DPS2 - MOSCHINO forever

    It has been an iconic and unforgettable summer. Beautiful and relaxing holidays, exciting on the road travelling, memorable meetings but the Solar system planets almost got aligned together on Tuesday 18th of September, when I [...]

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    Post Grad Show LCC - 2018

    Being in one of the top art colleges in the world, it is very exciting. There is so much happening on the campus. Recently, there was an exhibition by postgrad students as a part of their course. It was really interesting and was [...]

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    locations and shooting schedule

    Saturday 17th November - All shots involving Cam Location 1 - Booked 7.30 - 8.30am Greasy spoon cafe The Electric Cafe 258 Norwood Rd, West Norwood, London SE27 9AJ Shots: Outside establishing Character inside from [...]

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    Artist Study: Raqib Shaw

    Raqib Shaw was born in Calcutta, India, and brought up in Kashmir until the long-standing conflict in the area forced his family to flee, moved to London in 1998. His gloriously opulent paintings suggest a fantastical [...]

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    Tate Modern trip no.2: 14/11/18

    I went to see another artist's work at Tate Modern 'Artist Rooms: Jenny Holzer' and other artists around the gallery that I saw I like and fascinating. When I walked into the room, this is the first thing that caught my eye. [...]

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