➤ First impression of LCC...US Steam • UP844 • 1944First Two Weeks In LCCMy first impressions of LCCHello LCCInvestigative deconstructionCritical reflection 20.09.18Repurposed Project
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    ➤ First impression of LCC...

        ♠︎Station: ELEPHANT AND CASTLE -- Time flies, two weeks has passed with a blink of an eye. Before the course started , I taught it will be difficult to make new friends from difference countries , turns out everyone [...]

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    US Steam • UP844 • 1944

    The Union Pacific engine 844 was the last steam loco built in the USA. The engine has been preserved. The machine isn't the biggest loco; but it is still massive and was designed to haul 1000 tons at 100mph for hundreds of [...]

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    First Two Weeks In LCC

    This was my first two weeks at LCC. Although the city of London and the courses at LCC are very unfamiliar to me, I made a lot of friends and experienced a very relaxed atmosphere in the class. It was a very good start. I had a [...]

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    My first impressions of LCC

    My first impressions of LCC : )   : )   : )  : )  : )  : )  : )  : )  : )  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I met a lot of nice people. Everyone is kind and friendly. Nice place!! Funny every [...]

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    Hello LCC

    From 11th September till now, I have spent a really nice 2 weeks in LCC! LCC is a fantastic place with well-equiped facilities, friendly, cute and creative teachers as well as students. During these  weeks, I visited [...]

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    Two weeks has passed...

    Hi, I'm back! Couldn't imagine two weeks has passed... I've been enjoying all the workshops, not sure if I'll be able to choose only one pass way in the future!

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    About me

    Hi everyone) My name is Anna. And here are some facts about me: from Ukraine I adore musicals a bookworm like post crossing and mail art have already been to more than 25 countries love cute stationery [...]

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    Repurposed Project

    In our second project, Repurposed Project, we were assigned to collect some trash for our object. I collected various kind food packaging, paper bag, light bulb, ink cartridge, vinyl records and I also bought a vintage magazine [...]

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