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    Listen to Kwame Anthony Appiah Reith Lecture on Creed - write a minimum 100 word reflection. FAITH KWAME ANTHONY APIAH / REITH LECTURES / CREED / IDENTITY Relistening to the Reith Lecture given by Kwame Anthony Apiah : [...]

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    A World to Win: Posters of Protest and Revolution - William Morris Gallery

    Exhibition Research http://www.wmgallery.org.uk/whats-on/exhibitions-43/a-world-to-win-posters-of- protest-and-revolution/ A World to Win: Posters of Protest and Revolution was an exhibition at the William Morris Gallery [...]

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    e-Learning: Inclusivity in the Online Classroom

    For our latest Technology Enhanced Learning session, educational developer Siobhan Clay talked to us about the issue of inclusivity. While inclusivity is something that tends to be much considered in relation to the [...]

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    I am rendering these test shot to see whether I want to add glow on Mia, the design of Mia using blue as base colour is not that robot-like, and as I mention in earlier post, I still want to use blue as Mia's colour. Adding [...]

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    Robert Urquhart: Microteaching Class: 27th March 2017, 10 minutes   Dissecting the Brand: Brands as Patterns   We will look at the object that I’m presenting to you and use our 5 senses taste, sight, [...]

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    WATCH: Charlton Athletic Community Trust celebrates its 25th year

    Aaron Paul and Emily Jamieson talk to the organisers of the Charlton Atheltic Community Trust 25th anniversary celebrations, and get Addicks manager Karl Robinson's views on the Trust's vital work.

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    I'm a bit concerned about my online web profile and the amount of publicly available information about me.

    There are a few steps you can take to make Workflow more private. First you can check that your profile page is only available to logged-in users of workflow. This is the default setting - your profile page is viewable [...]

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    Dealing with Submissions

    If a student has made a final submission before the due date but has uploaded an incorrect file, you can ‘revert submission to draft status’ to allow them to replace the file with the correct one. Click the Select box [...]

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