Examples of game applications in learning in real-life:CASE STUDY ART TIPSSupporting evidence of the last interventionCharity Event by ZhanikaRailway Badge • British Railways • AL1 81 • c1964Teaching: Visual Merchandising BA Year 2 London College of FashionTwo day intervention using an artefact gallery Day 1Roots in Epistemology
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    Examples of game applications in learning in real-life:

    Two weeks earlier, I went to the famous Greenwich. Just after I stepped onto the Greenwich pier, I saw the sailing ship named Cutty Sark not far away, and I went in for a visit because of curiosity and my enthusiasm for old [...]

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    I discovered art history newsletter « Artips » through further research. This service sends out newsletters thrice a week providing readers with anecdotes on art works.   Interpretation: I think the idea is [...]

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    Barry Smith on the Philosophy of Good Taste

    THIS. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04p845z

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    Supporting evidence of the last intervention

    part 1: visual communication part 2: interaction and participation part 3: presentation and reflection   I'll analyse the feedback I received after the workshop later.

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    A starting point

    Following my tutor's feedback, I realize that my original blog, www.ceciliamezzi.com, is taking a journalistic direction in collecting informations for my research and it's not showing progress on my project and intervention [...]

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    Use the folklore as my story inspiration

    Why I star from a folklore? My former project is to do something to help the Chinese heritage culture like chinse shadow puppetry,  for the reason why I start this project was in my unite 1 proposal. Now after deep [...]

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    new intervention process

    found one person who work in cosmetic industry found some movies and videos that relation with my project

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    Teaching: Visual Merchandising BA Year 2 London College of Fashion

    Teaching VM 2nd year students I done a presentation to introduce myself and my work as well as doing a presentation about Westfield to introduce the students to the Westfield project to the class, and prepare them for their visit [...]

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