Intervention initiated by May 27thUsing micro influencers as brand promotion strategyNew Era of ArtistsThe Importance of People Management Role in Innovation and Developing New ProductCreative Leadership & Its Importance.Dissertation ResearchSTORAGE, THE LIFE OF OBJECTS
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    Reaching out to senior lecturers

    Last week, I asked Suzana Hunter, senior lecturer on the BA Graphic Design.   She gave me examples of how to use object based learning: Student paired activity: each student to bring one object which represent [...]

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    Intervention initiated by May 27th

    Launched 2 hashtag campaigns this week. 1. #Cook with your Grandma# - on one of the most popular Chinese social media-Weibo. Aims to raise public awareness by posting their unique experience(photo/short video) when cooking [...]

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    Using micro influencers as brand promotion strategy

    Consumers feel connected to influencers, due to the trust built over time. Micro influencers are amongst the routine consumers with a notable social media following. Such influencers are much more engaged with the consumers than [...]

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    New Era of Artists

    As previously stated, I have always had a thing for "classical" art. As I grew up, I developed a new understanding of the word "art". In the beginning, I viewed art as strictly the expression of something through painting or [...]

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    Co-creation and our project

    Ramaswamy and Gouillard (2010) argues the fact that customer experience is in direct variation with the experience of internal stakeholders is usually ignored. In order to design successful experiences for customers, companies [...]

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    The Importance of People Management Role in Innovation and Developing New Product

    In every organization, the interaction between the team members and leadership is key to its success (Dean, 2015). As Zehira et al. (2011) mentioned, empirical evidences show that a robust correlation is existed between culture, [...]

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    Dissertation Research

    Idea: I plan to continue working and to develop my skills on collage/ mixed media, and installation art such as handmade objects/ miniature making and sculpture. I started researching themes, and came up with an idea to make a [...]

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    I ofen proceed haphazardly, like the objects crammed in here. I take life as it comes, building a reserve of memories a little at a time. And in the soci- ety of things, a reserve of mem- ories is also a [...]

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