A Trip to the Moon (1902) AnalysisMy toolbox project outcomeThe 3 ExercisesCommon Ground  Miroslaw BalkaSpray PaintingAbout Cultural and Contextual StudyEngland show why women's football deserves more attentionTate Britain Once Again
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    A Trip to the Moon (1902) Analysis

    A Trip to the Moon also known as "Voyage dans la Lune" is being considered as one of the cult cinema within the film industry. This is due to it being one of the first films to implement special effects. A Trip to the Moon is a [...]

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    Introduction to Animation – Why Animation? 05102018

    We discussed why to use animation, the function of it and the purposes of using animation. We have also seen how animation has developed from its first appearance to now, the same in different cultures. My understanding of [...]

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    My toolbox project outcome

    Almost six weeks ago, we got our first project which is about character development. It's really really a big challenge for us and It's also a start. In my opinion, the biggest barrier for me and for most Asian classmate is the [...]

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    The 3 Exercises

    Exercises 1 Project 1 Sunflower Seeds by Ai Weiwei Sunflower Seeds 2010 Ai Weiwei born 1957 Purchased with assistance from Tate International Council, the American Patrons of Tate, the Art Fund, and Stephen and Yana [...]

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    Common Ground Miroslaw Balka

    Miroslaw Balka | Common Ground (2013-2016) Photograph credit White Cube   A poetic response to crossing over 'Common Ground' in the White Cube Bermonsedy 2018   WELCOME   welcome to the smell of [...]

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    Spray Painting

        #1 Spray painting first time in my life Paint all black and wait for it to dry using my fan and tissue paper Then use A4 paper that I make a hole to paint a white color    #2 This time i try [...]

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    Meeting John, Tracy, Jamie and Robert

    Meeting John, Tracy, Jamie and Robert, 2018, single projection, approx. 55*400 cm, 2:45 min (looped) Arisen from a desire to break the photographic stillness and capture above the surface appearance, embodying [...]

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    England show why women's football deserves more attention

    Slowly but surely, the old stereotypes about women's football being dull, slow and lacking in the skills department are being demolished by its growing sense of professionalism. Attending the recent international friendly [...]

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