Denia Dazzles with her Dazzling DesignsJay Howell and doodlesConcept ImageFlash Fiction!Memory of unconsciousness 2Monday Guest Lecture Series    31st October 5.30pm Artist: Richard GasperThe Visual Diary Starts HereMinimalism
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    Denia Dazzles with her Dazzling Designs

    Srila Prabhupadas childhood Ratha Yatra

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    Elephant Sport Podcast - Golden Boy Award Special

    Elephant Sport Podcast - Golden Boy Award Special Elephant Sport correspondents Chris Aguiar, Caleb Sage, Kortney Hudson, Umar Chouhdry, Hassan Abdullah and Dan Thomas discuss the aftermath of the Golden Boy award, Renato [...]

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    Both sides of control

    If we go back in time, we will be able to find several examples of what a concentrated source of power can bring to humanity. Mao Zedong, Napoleon, Hitler and  Leopold II are only some examples of the negativity brought by the [...]

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    Concept Image

    Concept image for my Animation. The story is about a young pirate meet a middle class lady, and instant fall in love with her. These are story image I make, so I can pitch the story more clear to [...]

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    Creative Cities

    DEVASTATING DESIGN/DIVINE DESIGN This was an interesting week in that it was very interesting for me to look from this perspective of coming from the countryside to the city and after a period of studying about how to create [...]

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    Visions is conceived as a series of prompts or thought experiments for designers. The outcome will be a collection of ideas (observations, case studies, quotes, etc.) to be added to your own portfolio, plus (hopefully) a product, [...]

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    Offsite Show - Safehouse

    Our Offsite show was at the safe houses in Peckham.  Consisting of fourteen artists, we managed to use both the houses to exhibit a mixed range of artwork from installations, sculpture, video and paintings.  We decided on the [...]

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    Screen print 90 120 mesh screens

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