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      Portrait_ colour pencil and acrylic on the canvas

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    recorded work

    I have visited Tate Britain as the first gallery to visit, the ongoing show was Whiteread's installation, from the first sight of the exhibition, I noticed the use of wide range of different materials and the aesthetical [...]

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    Print block

    After finishing my stitch block, the next was the print block. I was very excited to start the print block as this was the main reason I had applied for the textile design course and the reason for me being here. I had already [...]

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    Repurpose Project: Reflection

    We were given the brief for the Repurpose Project very soon after the Postcode Project Submission. Therefore, wanting some time to relax, I didn't start working that very day. Furthermore, we also had our CTS Essays to write. [...]

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    Public Speaking Professional Development

    Professional reflection is a process of evaluating “professional performance so that practitioners can continue to learn, grow and develop in and through practice” (Jarvis, P. 1992). The case study element of this term [...]

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    Persona workshop write up

    Our group created a persona called Katie Hobbs, 40 years old single mother who works from home as a designer. Katie has leg problems so it is challenging for her to move vigorously but she loves being outdoors with [...]

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    some commercial styles i ilke

    Martinus Klemet Faye Valentine, Cowboy Bebop (1998), “Heavy Metal Queen” These  illustrations come from  a  talented  Chinese illustrator, jun cen benjy brooke  

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    Gender Differences in PTSD Symptoms

    So the other day I had decided to look through papers of PTSD to see what people like professors and university students were saying about the health disorder. I had come across a few, however this one caught my eye - Gender [...]

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