New YorkPeople just do nothing...artists just do nothing....?Beginning to AnimateLMS Railway Poster • AM Cassandre • 1928Duet & DancersThe Problem with Product ProliferationCo-Creation -A design thinking approach...IKEA in Fashion: the potential impact on complexity
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    Reflecting on “Understand Art: The Play of Work and Spectator”

    This paper explores Gadamer’s work where there is an interplay between the artwork, and spectators, where the spectators become participants in a to-and-fro play of the presentation and recognising a shared understanding that [...]

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    New York

    1.New York NYC is the most diversified city I've never been before. When I arrived at the airport and in the queue of passport control, there were all of races and ages around me that I've never seen in the uk border. Then [...]

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    Proposal and Poster Process

    After I had begun my research I have an idea of what direction I want my research to take. When writing my proposal I had reflect on what I had learnt in my previous projects and what was interesting from what I've done in the [...]

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    People just do nothing...artists just do nothing....?

    Eddie Peake at The White Cube. Concrete Pitch   Where were the pigs, weed and DC shoes........? Are you not entertained? People Just Do Nothing....(Comedy series on BBC3) Lets laugh at caricatures of people who have [...]

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    As a Ru Paul fan, I was very excited for this bit of the term - it wasn't quite as glamorous as I expected but I'm pretty pleased with my two pieces of [...]

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    IKEA in Fashion: the potential impact on complexity

    Reading: Mocker, M. and Ross, J.W. (2017) The Problem with Product Proliferation. Harvard Business Review, May-June pp. 105-110 Reflection: Reading through the above mentioned article, posed a few questions in my mind in [...]

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    Body Language and After Effects Revisited

    Over the last week, we have been looking at body language within our animations. Our brief is very broad, which is great because it gives us all a great opportunity to do whatever we want with this exercise, but also means that [...]

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    Psychedelics as a technology: Tool or weapon?

    A friend put the view to me recently of psychedelics as a technology that has been advantageous for human evolution, but has also been exploited by some groups to further their own ends at others' expense. The idea of [...]

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