Welcome to the 2017-18 academic yearPre Enrolment taskSensory Walk - London Design Festival at London College of CommunicationPre- Arrival TaskMY JOURNEY TO LCCSome Pictures Taken From The Scavenger HuntFirst Week at LCCDARH presents Cartoon Kate
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    Homeless Blind Truth - Vizer CCTV

    “ The eyes are useless when the mind is blind. " I was inspired by a series of Thai adverts as they use pathos, injustice, plot twists and moments of grace in a story telling method to grab the viewer’s attention — this [...]

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    Welcome to the 2017-18 academic year

    A new academic year is about to start and the Contour team are looking forward to welcoming new and existing students to our course's new home at LCF's Mare Street site. If you're unfamiliar with the area, there's some useful [...]

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    Pre Enrolment task

    This is a photograph of Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith. When I was first in London three years ago with Edinburgh college I saw Patti Smith's book "Just Kids", which I have heard various artists mention in the past, at [...]

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    [No Title]

    Focus is a key aspect to photography due to the way it can present emotion and connections from both the subject and the artist. Furthermore it brings attention to detail, colour and shape within the image through the focus or [...]

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    I’ve been doing some thinking about this blog, and what purpose it serves now I’m into the writing-up stage of my thesis. If I’m to submit a full draft in January, it may be that I should spend all my time on that, rather [...]

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    Sensory Walk - London Design Festival at London College of Communication

    A Sensory Walk workshop in Elephant Park facilitated by: Valerie Mace and Lucy Thornett Tuesday 19th September 2017 1pm to 4pm LCC https://vimeo.com/234554153 Watch a short film of the completed project Workshop [...]

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    Pre Arrival Task -

    I guess mine would be Firelink Shrine from Dark Souls? I mean the whole game in itself is about struggling and finding your footing to succeed. Though I can only presume life doesn't have a die and retry function. Firelink Shrine [...]

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    DARH presents Cartoon Kate

    Kate Evans A3 Poster Design Activism Research Hub Presents: Cartoon Kate Tuesday 9 May 5:30pm Lecture Theatre C, LCC, UAL *Open to all UAL staff and students* Sign up to Eventbrite here Kate Evans presents [...]

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