The Natural History Museum (Part 2)My teaching context and practise in 5 imagesLecture 1Colour-sound interplaySpiderman: into the Spiderverse - a true homageLiberty's VisitUAL Retention AnalysisDrawing Workshop week 2
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    The Natural History Museum (Part 2)

    The second visit to the NHM was, as I previously mentioned, a class field trip. Our assignment was to explore, to make at least five sketches of elements around the museum while focusing on context, and to develop towards the end [...]

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    Chinese style stop-motion animation ' A Stroll in the Garden and an Interrupted Dream'

    A Stroll in the Garden and an Interrupted Dream This animation was inspired by a love story written by Xianzu Tang, a Chinese opera writer in the Ming dynasty. The story tells the fantastic love story of Mengmei Liu [...]

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    Collection Project

    According to Cambridge dictionary, collection defined as "a group of objects of one type that have been collected by one person or in one place" In this project we started the assignment while we finish first term [...]

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    Lecture 1

    Almost 100 hundred PG Certers in one room, many from UAL some from elsewhere. A range of roles, levels of experience and ages which I’m pleased about as this should make it more enjoyable. Lindsay kicked the session off with [...]

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    Colour-sound interplay

    In my latest work, I explore the manifestation of audio-visual sensors as art. Yet again, I dive into myself - a self constantly shaped by the experiences of the outer world and inner predispositions. What is new? The [...]

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    Session One: Weds Jan 16th; Notes, Thoughts and Reflections

    The session began with Lyndsay introducing key course staff members in the room, then leading us straight into some warm up exercises in small groups, using an interactive online survey which we logged into by activating a QR [...]

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    Weave 3rd technical block

    This week I was very excited to finally begin a new discipline, weave which I had only done before in foundation , using a  simple DIY frame and nails to create a basic loom. On the first day of weave we were given a demo by [...]

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    Drawing Workshop week 2

    The main focus for the second week of drawing was on mark making. I found this difficult even though I had already done some mark making practice over the weekend because I don't think my objects have a lot of obvious [...]

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