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    Turning My Message Into an Advertisement

    Thinking about the change in interpretation with the location of the text; Having it on a bottle provides a definitive narrative. But having it as an advertisement provides a different narrative depending on the [...]

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    Fred Perry campaign (destroying or building subculture?)

    A celebration of real people across different decades and disciplines, it stars the likes of Throwing Shade, Skinny Girl Diet and DJ Don Letts Fred Perry has long been a touchstone of British subculture – the iconic laurel [...]

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    Stop Telling Women to Smile

    Tatyana Fazlalizadeh- Artist and Activist Street art project based on the gender street harassment The posts Tatyana Fazlalizadeh creates are based on the real stories of women she has met and spoken with. They detail the way [...]

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    I recently came across these posters in the tube network and subsequently in the Evening Standard. I was wondering what impact this advertising campaign was having and whether it was producing the desired effect to "stimulate [...]

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    Museum visit

    A site visit to Dali/Duchamp and Jasper Johns's exhibition in Royal Academy of Arts.     The post card on the left is one of Dali's work named 'Still life-fast moving' 1956, oil on canvas. I thought it is a interesting [...]

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    Starting the Backgrounds

    I have started off my triptych by painting the backgrounds for each one in acrylic.    As I discussed earlier in a blog post mentioning Andrew Wyeth's comments on his 'Christina's World', I can't help but feel [...]

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    Lecture Notes and other thoughts

    the embodied artist The discomfort of unrequited desire the hazard implicit in our precarious existence and the continuous tension that I experienced when faced with the prospects of hypothesis that may never become realisable [...]

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    10. Visit to the Royal Academy

    I first went to see the infamous Dali & Duchamp Exhibition which was incredibly thought provoking and rather humorous at times too. I say humorous - some may say controversial, overbearing  or boarder-line outrageous? It [...]

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