a conversationMore or Less and NSSA money poem: Refining my process and my practice.Mary Quantfirst film for fun film firstTechnical Block 4 - Weave Week Two - 15-19th JanKNIT 1LECTURE 3 - LOOKING AT IMAGES : REPRESENTATION & VISUAL CULTURE
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    a conversation

    (The Turkish Bath, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, 1862-63. Louvre, Paris) I spoke with Kate Rose Carrick who was interested in the contextualisation of my work in relation to 18th and 19th century paintings. We discussed some [...]

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    Possible Future Proposal

    I try to use the mask as my starting point of this project and focus on the illustration aspect. Students who study Arts or Design are my intended audiences.  I want to make this project more illustration way but also I want to [...]

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    More or Less and NSS

    We were asked to read the following paper in preparation for a lecture given by Duna Sabri on statistics. Student Evaluations of Teaching as 'Fact-Totems': The Case of the UK National Student Survey by Duna [...]

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    A money poem: Refining my process and my practice.

    In what way could the phrases I was collecting gain some focus? How could I further my continue and refine this process? I began to centre my attentions on conversations of money, capitol and ownership. Generally these are the [...]

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    A selection of drawings and collages from my box clever project. http://www.lilyaforbes.portfoliobox.net

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    Technical Block 4 - Weave Week Two - 15-19th Jan

    January 15th: I came into todays session knowing that I wanted to challenge myself. Last week I was surprised at how my weave ended up looking very neat and block like which I thought was really interesting as all of my [...]

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    Study Visit LCF

    Today, I went to LCF.

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    How do you deconstruct an image? A image to me shows the reality of what something is in the scene. It is a difficult question to answer. We just look at an image. However, when more thought is put into a image we see more than [...]

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