All the Stations • 2017Drawing Research for S.I Project at Lea Valley walkIntroduction to Fashion Design (16-18 yrs old) _reflectionTesting Blackboard CollaboratemayaYear 2 – Industry Project Presentations – H&MWelcome!Three Days Puppet Building Workshop
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    All the Stations • 2017

    The BBC website has a story about Geoff and Vicky, who are visiting every railway station in Britain. There's a little film, here    

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    Drawing Research for S.I Project at Lea Valley walk

    Leigh's Map Box which needed filling with Maps! ArcelorMittal Orbit Lights that light the stadium at the Olympic Park. We stopped nearby here at the water fountain and I sketched the children playing in the water. [...]

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    Introduction to Fashion Design (16-18 yrs old) _reflection

    In this short course- introduction to fashion design, I took the students to visit V&A museum and visited the exhibition. During the time of the visit, we spent some time discussing some observation done over [...]

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    Hello world from Montana! introduction to teaching

    Hello my fellow minions. Where do I begin I am new to the world of blogging. Having completed half of my PG Cert I am determined to be a boffin by the time I have graduated with  my postgraduate. Being a fulltime mother working [...]

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    Testing Blackboard Collaborate

    Hello all  this is a test to add you to our new CSM Carousel site   Please click on the link below to join the session   Thank you

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    Why does my Turnitin Assignment show a ‘Read Only’ mode? (staff)

    You may have tried to access a Turnitin Assignment in order to provide feedback, or grade a submission. A student may have tried to submit a paper. However,  you are prevented from doing so since the class has [...]

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      Hi, welcome to The Language Centre.Our department is based on the 4th floor at 272 High Holborn. The team consists of support staff and academic tutors who are happy to help you with your language needs. All our English [...]

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    Cath Caldwell

    For Biographic information please click on the About tab

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