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    Piece of Media

    Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube- these are all examples of social media and our admired by people around the world, but some might argue that why is our generation so obsessed with this media platform. Well the answer is [...]

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    Kering's Retail Talent Day

    Evening everybody, Kering's group (the french luxury goods company that owns well-known brands Stella McCartney, Gucci and Saint Laurent) are hosting a Retail Talent Day on the October 24th in Portland Place, Marylebone, [...]

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    Sara Davidmann

    Sara Davidmann is an artist/photographer based at London College of Communication. Since 1999 she has taken photographs in collaboration with people from UK trans* and queer communities. Much of Davidmann’s research has [...]

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    Curves & Contortion

    This is my final project work for my foundation year. The series is called, Curves & Contortion. This was my literal form of my journey into LCC, this collection was the final pieces that most of the grade counted for. My [...]

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    task 2 - Journey to LCC

    One of the main things that helped me get to LCC was the time I put in sat at this desk, which was my friends desk. Although I was very messy, and liked to spread out all my work, I got a lot of support from her and we always [...]

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    SPACE: /spies/ noun

    Synonym: area, place, location, environment So... we're now beginning to coin a phrase of 'digital spaces'. In my previous posts I've been implying (I think! My head is beginning to spin a bit) that teaching and learning in [...]

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    West Ham hitting new lows. But what has gone wrong ?

    West Ham United sit third from bottom following their disastrous start to the season. Of their initial six games, five have been lost and only one three-pointer has been brought home. Today, a 3-0 home defeat to [...]

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    How do you submit collection to a tutor in workflow?

    Just share the collection with the tutor. The tutor will get a notification and a link to the collection. (To share a collection go to My Pages -> Share and make sure that the collection is ticked at the top of the [...]

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