Curating Gone Wrong: Part IThe Canary: New independent journalismFINAL PRESENTATION DAYFrancis Upritchard's Wetting installation at The Curve GalleryThink Global - Act Local - Music and Missions by Kendol Bacchus (ABRSM)Walk Cycles!Week 8 studio Moniker
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    “Artificial light is often necessary for a room to function properly. Diffused, or indirect, light establishes the emotional tone whether its source is natural or artificial.” 《HOME》by THAMES AND HUDSON First [...]

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    Curating Gone Wrong: Part I

                  Readers' Warning. The content of this article is fiction based on the TATE Britain's text on "The Solemn Process" by Ana Lupas. A Less Solemn Approach [...]

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    The Canary: New independent journalism

    We are living in a fast-paced world where is essential for people to be well informed about what is happening around the globe, in their communities and in their country.  One of the big advantages of the post-modern world is [...]

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    For the final presentation of our work we constructed our own modern memorial. We covered it with evidence of our visual disruption day we had the week before in which we tagged our environment with the slogan we constructed for [...]

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    Tate Modern, 29th November, Bankside, London SE1 9TG

    Today we went to Tate Modern for CTS. This is the second time that I visit here and nothing really change here. There are two buildings for museum Natalie Bell Building and Blavatnik Building. The museum is separate into [...]

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    Fairy tale (동화) Music Video

    New music video by Kim Dong Ryul ft. IU, titled Fairy tale! Perfect for December! I've replayed this way too many times because I love this combination of beautiful animation and powerful vocals that makes me feel I'm in a [...]

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    Week 8 studio Moniker

    This week was slightly different from all the rest as we were visited by Studio Moniker and would be working in the Chelsea parade ground all day. We had a very informative and interesting lecture in the morning which was [...]

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    The Box Clever Project: - The Absent Years

    Introduction to 'The Box Clever Project' : For our second project of the term we were given the task to collate a series of objects that you find visually inspiring, in colour, texture and form, which are all crucial elements [...]

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