Final RunChildren Society | Character DesignNoodle PatternRailway Safety Posters • Frank Newbould • British Rail • 1947Inspiration for formHere comes Rubyyy JonesDamp DecayOne of My Kind (OOMK)
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    24.04.17 – 30.04.17

    24.04.17 India and Yasmin arrived in Amsterdam, coffee, dinner.   25.04.17 Nijmegen, pancakes, happy Italy and drinks.   26.04.17 Walked around Arnhem, kings night and lots of [...]

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    Exploring and Finding a way to get involved

    I actually forgot to make a post nearly last week about visiting the Volkerschlachtdenkmal! Or the Monument to the Battle of Nations. It was very interesting to visit this monument as I heard about it being just down the road [...]

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    Final Run

    I will improve some detail when I polish this run scene, I was going to have Elliot turn his head look around and change expressions, so is Mia, but after blocking out experiment, I find it too busy, cause this scene is only 3 [...]

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    Children Society | Character Design

    Father and son   And here is the map (or stage) that I decided for the project. I try to make things simple and straightforward.

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    Noodle Pattern

    Trying out different ways to create a noodle pattern for the noodle box, I made a repeat pattern and also thought about making an array of different shaped/sized noodles too. I think I will explore this idea further.

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    Here comes Rubyyy Jones

    Queers we are ecstatic to bring you the beautiful barmy bombastic Rubyyy Jones! "Dubbed the 'Queen of Queerlesque' and ranked in the Top 20 UK Burlesque Performers by 21st Century Burlesque Magazine in 2014/15/16, Rubyyy is [...]

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    One of My Kind (OOMK)

    One of My Kind (OOMK) is a highly visual, handcrafted small-press publication. Printed biannually its content pivots upon the imaginations, creativity and spirituality of women. Each issue centers around different creative [...]

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    Alan Carr

    S.15, Ep.1 Chatty Man I have enjoyed the Art direction project, I personally believe that this year I have really improved the my work and how I work I would like to carry on improving my working professional style that was [...]

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